Mack Tank Truck


There’s something instantly appealing about the reality of the Mack Tank Truck. Strength and beauty, combined with thoroughness of detail, give this toy an individuality all its own. Each part is so carefully designed, that even the lustrous coat of blue, red or gray with its gold striping, cannot surpass its construction. Each truck is supplied with an experienced nickeled driver.The toy is made from little pieces of well connected bars from steel bars manufacturers to give a great finish.

Arcade Cast Iron Automobile

An exceptionally good simulation of the Delivery Truck that is seen darting here and there about the streets of the city. We can supply this truck. in any color combination desired; although the regular finishes Yellow Cab yellow with black trimmings and white tires. Attractively finished and complete in every

detail, even to the cast iron chauffeur at the wheel. Has body compartment with opening large enough to permit small articles to be placed inside. The kiddies will find this convenient for safely carrying around their small treasures. Built in one size only, these trucks can be supplied with real balloon rubber tires at small additional cost. This truck is 81; inches in length over all, and 4 inches in height.

No. 276-3 Toy McCormick-Deering Tractor


This toy tractor is a life-like reproduction of the large McCormick-Deering Tractor made by the International Harvester Company. It is sturdily built-no clock work to get out of order. Front wheels and axle are mounted on a swivel that permits the tractor to remain at a level while the front wheels are passing over an object.

Attractively finished with gray body trimmed in gold, and red wheels. Complete with nickel plated removable driver. Length 7 1/4 inches, width 3 3/4 inches, height 4 1/4 inches. Furnished in plain, lugged, or rubber-tired disc wheels.

Arcade Limousine Taxi with Spare tire and screw on License Plate

Yellow Cab is a splendid cast iron reproduction of this newest type of cab in use everywhere. Attractively finished as shown, with body in regulation Yellow Cab yellow and black body stripe. Top and fenders are black enameled. Radiator and headlights finished in aluminum bronze and the driver is nickel plated. Spare tire at rear.

Length 8 1/2 inches, width 3 1/2 with nickel plated metal tires; or real rubber tires can be supplied at a nominal extra cost.
Yellow Cab – Toy No. 155 with metal tires.
Yellow Cab – Toy No. 1550 with rubber tires.

Toy Mack Truck Mack Truck (Body Hoisted)

The Husky Toy Mack Truck—just like the real ones will stand rough treatment and won’t wear out. Made of cast iron steel frame. A modern toy that sells itself on sight. Dump body is raised by a clever but simple hoist—just press the spring on rear of cab which releases hoisting rod and the body raises in life-like motion by means of pulleys and ropes. Rear end gate swings open when unlocked.

Attractively painted in light grey or blue—gold trimmed—white tires on front of radiator and trade mark on both sides of cab. Rubber Tire Disk Wheels at nominal extra charge. Length overall, 12 inches; height 5 3/8 inches; width of box, 4 inches. No. 1. Mack Truck—Light Blue. No. 2. Mack Truck—Grey. No. 3. Mack Truck—Olive Green.