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Arcade Miscellaneous Auto Cast Iron Toys

Arcade Toy Mack Fire Apparatus Truck

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Arcade Gasoline PumpArcade Gasoline Pump

A new Arcade creation. Attractively painted in red, yellow and black. Crank at rear turns register hand on dial face. Made entirely of cast-iron and won't wear out. As an effective advertising novelty or popular toy item, it can't be beat for the price. Order them with your automotive toys.

Arcade Sign - Don't Park HereTraffic Sign Paper Weights

These popular paper weights sell on sight. Clever and unique in their imitation of familiar traffic signs, they are quickly sold as paper weights and toys alike.

Made of solid cast-iron—attractively colored in bright enamel paint.

An unusual and effective advertising novelty for any business. Firm name can be cast on these novelties at a nominal extra pattern cost, if specially ordered—or gummed label sticker can be placed on reverse side of the No. 2 "Don't Park Here" sign. [No. 1 "Don't Park Here" sign has the words "Police Dep't" on the reverse side, while the reverse side of the No. 2 is left blank for the application of advertising stickers.]

Arcade Sign - Keep to the RightDon't Park Here Signs 4 1/2 in. high

Stop and Go Sign 4 in. high

Keep to the Right Signs 4 1/2 in. high

Policeman 6 in. high  

Arcade Toy Motor FleetArcade Toy Motor Fleet

A combination that is a world beater. We pack a No. 1 Yellow Cab, a Fordson Tractor, and a Suburban Blue Coupe, together with large sized, cut-out paper garage, in a single corrugated carton. These three toys are among the best of the famous Arcade line. The paper garage is an attractive one which any child will delight to have. In all, it is an outfit that will give the youngster more real fun that any other toy. 

Arcade Toy Avery TractorToy Avery Tractor

An excellent model of the Avery Tractor formerly made by the Avery Company. It is a neat little toy that children will go wild about. An inexpensive item that represents big value. 

Length 4 1/2 inches. Height 3 1/8 inches. Width 2 1/4 inches. Frame gray with gold striping; wheels red.

Arcade Toy Mack Fire Apparatus TruckMack Fire Truck

The toy Mack Fire Truck is sturdily built of cast iron and attractively finished in bright red enamel. 


The ladders, lan­terns and tank are finished in gold bronze. The ladder sup­ports, hose reel and driver are nickel plated and the tool boxes are trimmed in gilt and black enamel. A fire bell beneath the truck rings when the car is in motion. Ladders are removable and can be extended to any height desired. The imitation fire hose unwinds from the reel and there is a compartment be­neath the rear of the truck for extra equipment.

Length 21 inches, width 4 1/4 inches, height 4 inches. Furnished with metal tires; or real rubber tires at small ad­ditional cost.

Mack Fire Truck—Toy No. 242R with metal tires.

Arcade Boy with Fire Trucks & Fire House
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