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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Automobiles

Arcade Automobile

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Arcade Toy Ford CoupeToy Ford Coupe


The Arcade cast iron Toy Ford Coupe, just like the other Ford items, perfectly reproduces the real Fords you see on the street. That's why parents as well as children think these miniatures are the "best ever." More than "just toys"—they are exact miniature models. Size: Length, 6 1/2 inches, height 4 inches.

Finished in glossy black enamel, white tires, nickeled man. Furnished with rubber tires if desired.

Arcade Ford BankFord Bank

Slot in rear window for quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies. Bank compartment in back seat to hold $5.00 or more. Otherwise built same as Ford Touring shown above, of cast grey iron. 


Furnished with or without rubber tires.

Arcade Toy Ford Touring CarToy Ford Touring Car

Every youngster in the country is a live prospect for one of these popular toys. They are realistic and beautiful models of the Ford Touring Car. Well made of cast iron, they will stand up under all kinds of hard service. They contain no clock work to require the attention of the garage man. The iron driver is removable. Furnished with or without rubber tires. Size: Length 6 1/2 inches, height 4 inches, width 3 inches.

FINISH: A black enamel body. Tires white enamel. Man nickeled.

Arcade Toy Ford Tudor SedanNo. 103X Toy Tudor Sedan


One of the most popular of our Ford miniatures, being a simulation of the Ford Tudor model. Attractively finished in assorted colors, blue, green, red and yellow, with nickel plated wheels, and driver. Real rubber tires can be furnished at small additional cost. Length 6 1/2 inches, width 3 inches, height 3 3/4 inches. Packed only in assorted colors.

Arcade Ford Radiator CapFord Radiator Cap


Here is the No. 2 toy Ford Coupe mounted on a regular style Ford Radiator Cap. Securely attached and attractively finished in channel green, with blue body stripe painted around car. It has bright nickel plated wheels. A pleasing and fast selling novelty that will bring you many new and satisfied customers. Length 5 inches, width 2 1/8 inches, height 3 inches.

Arcade AutomobileAutomobile


An exceptionally good simulation of the Delivery Truck that is seen darting here and there about the streets of the city. We can supply this truck. in any color combination desired; although the regular finishes Yellow Cab yellow with black trimmings and white tires. Attractively finished and complete in every detail, even to the cast iron chauffeur at the wheel. Has body compartment with opening large enough to permit small articles to be placed inside. The kiddies will find this convenient for safely carrying around their small treasures.

Built in one size only, these trucks can be supplied with real balloon rubber tires at small additional cost. This truck is 81; inches in length over all, and 4 inches in height.

Arcade Andy Gump and Old 348Andy Gump


No. 1 Andy Gump has a red tie, white shirt, blue suit, and Brown sport hat with green hat-band. Old 348 has a bright red body with green trimmings, green disc wheels with red  hub caps, white tires, and aluminum license plates. Size: Length over all 7 1/4 inches, wheel base 4 7/8 inches, height 6 inches, width 4 inches.

No. 2 Andy Gump: Car, red; Andy and Wheels, full nickel without license plate or front crank. Size, weight, packing; Same as No. 1.

No. 3 Andy Gump: Car is red (only), wheels nickel plated with green disc and no license plate nor front crank. Andy is painted green with white collar and flesh colored face. Size, weight, packing: Same as No. 1.

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