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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Irons

Arcade Toy Ironing Set

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Arcade Toy Ironing BoardToy Ironing Boards


These ironing boards are finely constructed from high grade lumber. They fold up like the grown-up ironing boards and are sure to please children. Low priced, they are great sellers. No. 1 - Length of board 17 inches, height 11 inches

No. 2 - Length of board 24 inches, height 12 3/4 inches.

Arcade Toy Ironing SetToy Ironing Sets


A unique ironing set which appeals strongly. It consists of a tailor's iron and a substantial wood ironing board. A practical which is always a favorite. Board, length 12 inches, height 4 1/4 inches, width 3 inches. Iron, length 4 1/4 in., height 2 1/4 inches. Board is plain white hardwood, while the base of the iron is polished and the top gold bronze.

Arcade Toy Sad Iron No. 1 & 2Toy Sad Irons


These are handsomely finished sad irons. Though made with care, they are sold at a very low price. Sure to please. The base and sides of these irons are steel polished and the handles are finished in gold bronze. The three sizes offered permit a good selection to meet the demand. No. 0 - Length 2 3/4 inches, height 2 inches. No. 1 - Length 3 inches, height 2 1/8 inches. No. 2 - Length 3 1/2 inches, height 2 3/8 inches.

Arcade Sad Iron No. 3Sad Iron No. 3


A very attractive sad iron, has a varnished wood handle firmly attached. Base full nickel plate. Packed with a cast iron coppered stand. Length 3 11/16 inches, height 2 3/8 inches.

Arcade Toy Sad Iron No. 4, 40 & 6Toy Sad Irons Nos. 4, 40, 6


These are elaborate toy sad irons, complete in every detail and beautifully finished. They have a detachable plate and wood handle which locks on the iron firmly. A fascinating toy which is highly practical as well. Each iron is packed with a coppered cast iron stand. No. 4 - Length 3 3/4 inches, height 2 5/8 inches. Base full nickel plate. Wood handle varnished. No. 40 - Same. Base has a polished steel finish. No. 6 - Length 4  7/8 inches, height 3 1/2 inches. Base full nickel plate. Wood handle varnished.

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