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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Stoves

Arcade Toy AC Stove

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Arcade Toy Roper Gas RangeToy Roper Gas Range


Behold "Baby" Roper! A skillful reproduction of the popular Roper Gas Range, this miniature finds an instant welcome with the juvenile housewife. Every little girl cherishes its show-white finish, prettily framed in black and pearl-gray trimmings. How they admire the tiny oven doors that open and close at will. What delight, when the grates and nickeled burners are removed with ease. And Lo! the surprise, when they discover the toy kettle and spider that is supplied with each stove. "Baby" Roper has been acclaimed one of the few toys destined to win every childish heart. To show it means to sell it! 

Dimensions: 6 3/4 inches high, 5 7/8 inches long, 3 1/8 inches from front to back. This toy stove model can be supplied without name "Roper" if required; and other name can be shown on the same door at a small additional cost, by use of a rubber stamp.

Arcade Hotpoint StoveHotpoint Stove


The most modern of stoves copied in miniature for the children's playhouse. A Hotpoint Electric Stove with an oven door that opens and a warming oven with a sliding door. The drawer below the oven used as a warming oven also opens and the grease pan below the burners draws out. It is attractively finished with hard white lacquer and trimmed in gray and black. Stands 6 1/4 inches high; 5 3/4 inches long; and 2 3/4 inches wide.

Arcade Peninsular StovePeninsular Stove


The Peninsular Stove is the largest of our modern toy gas stoves. It has a broiler as well as an oven and a warming drawer below the burner. The doors open, the drawer slides and the grates are removable. A stove that presents an attractive appearance in the large doll house. It is finished in white lacquer with gray and black trimmings; 7 3/4 inches high; 6 1/4 inches long; and 3 inches wide.

Arcade Loth StoveLoth Stove


The toy Loth Stove is another attractive miniature sturdily made of cast iron. Smaller than our other stoves. It is finished in blue enamel with a white oven door that opens and white warming oven with sliding door. Height 5 1/2 inches, 4 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.

Arcade Toy Royal StoveToy Royal Stove


A very elaborate toy stove, fit to grace any doll kitchen. Every detail of a real stove is carefully worked out in this model. It has doors that open, a reservoir, and a toy set of utensils - spider, kettle, and a lid lifter as shown in the illustration. An attractive toy which is a special inducement to prepare a banquet for a doll family. Finished in black enamel striped with gold. Length of stove 8 1/4 inches, width 4 3/4 inches, height 8 inches.

Arcade Toy AC StoveA. C. Stove


Though plain appearing, this is a perfect model of a cook stove and is one of our largest sellers. A lid lifter and stovepipe are packed with each one. Finished in black enamel. Height 3 1/2 inches, width 4 1/4 inches, length 5 inches.

Arcade Toy Stove DaisyDaisy


This is one of our most attractive bargains-a sure fire seller for the holiday trade. Full equipment is packed with each stove-length of stovepipe, a spider, kettle, lid lifter, and 4 lids. It is a finished in black enamel striped with gold. Length 5 in., width 4 in., height, including pipe, 6 1/4 inches.

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