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Arcade Cast Iron Toy Trucks

Arcade Red Baby Truck

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Arcade Toy Ford TruckToy Ford Truck


Sturdily built for steady hard use. The latest addition to our popular Ford line of cast-iron "models." Finished same as other Ford items. Size: Length 8 1/2 inches, height 4 inches. Furnished with rubber tires if desired.

Arcade Toy Ford Anthony Dump Truck 201No. 201 Toy Ford Anthony Dump Truck

Here is the popular Ford truck, with the added attraction of a body that actually dumps. This mechanical feature is a pleasing and entertaining one, being a reproduction of the Anthony Rocker Body made by the Anthony Company. Body swings back on rockers, being released by lever with coil spring conveniently attached at driver’s seat. Hinged end gate allows contents of body to be dumped. Finished in black enamel with gray dump body and bring nickel plated wheels. Length 8 1/2 inches, width 3 inches, height 2 3/4 inches.

Arcade Toy Ford Stake Body Truck No. 202xNo. 202X Toy Ford Stake Body Truck


A pleasing miniature of the Ford Stake Body Truck. The Stake Body is an attractive feature, being deep enough to hold many articles with which its juvenile owner will burden it. It is 9 inches long, 3 1/4 inches wide, and 4 inches high. Finished in bright assorted colors, blue, green, red and yellow, with nickel plated wheels. Packed only in assorted colors, with nickel plated wheels. Packed only in assorted colors. Can be supplied with real rubber tires at a small additional cost.

Arcade Toy Weaver Auto Crane No. 216No. 216 Toy Weaver Auto Crane


Children like toys with action, and they will find the sturdy minia­ture Weaver Auto Crane a constant source of delight. The Crane as shown above, is mounted on the No. 2 Red Baby Truck, but is also mounted on the No. 1 Ford Ton Truck. The Toy Crane itself is attrac­tively finished in green, and can be securely fastened to bottom of truck box. Chain operates around drum, to which crank and ratchet are at­tached. The kiddies will enjoy hoisting other small miniatures with this efficient toy Crane. It is 5 3/4 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide, and 4 inches high.

Arcade Red Baby TruckNo. 1. Red Baby Truck 

(Dump Body)  

Finished M bright red with white enameled tires; crank and ratchet nickel plate. Length 10 3/4 inches; height 4 1/2 inches, width 3 1/2 inches. No. 2. Red Baby Truck (Stationary Body) Finished as No. 1 Red Baby. Miniature of well known international Harvester Truck. Length 10 1/4 inches; height 4 1/2 inches, width 3 1/2 inches. No. 10. Same as No. 1, but with Rubber Tires, Disk Wheels. No. 20, Same as No. 2, but with Rubber Tires, Disk Wheels. The Only Iron Toy Truck with Interchangeable Bodies

Arcade Miniature Mack Truck - Bed UpToy Mack Truck

Mack Truck (Body Hoisted)

The Husky Toy Mack Truck—just like the real ones will stand rough treatment and won't wear out. Made of cast iron steel frame. A modern toy that sells itself on sight. Dump body is raised by a clever but simple hoist—just press the spring on rear of cab which releases hoisting rod and the body raises in life-like motion by means of pulleys and ropes. Rear end gate swings open when unlocked. Attractively painted in light grey or blue—gold trimmed—white tires on front of radiator and trade mark on both sides of cab. Rubber Tire Disk Wheels at nominal extra charge. Length overall, 12 inches; height 5 3/8 inches; width of box, 4 inches. No. 1. Mack Truck—Light Blue. No. 2. Mack Truck—Grey. No. 3. Mack Truck—Olive Green.

Arcade Toy Mack Truck - Bed DownMack Truck (Body Down)