Toy Mack Truck Mack Truck (Body Hoisted)

The Husky Toy Mack Truck—just like the real ones will stand rough treatment and won’t wear out. Made of cast iron steel frame. A modern toy that sells itself on sight. Dump body is raised by a clever but simple hoist—just press the spring on rear of cab which releases hoisting rod and the body raises in life-like motion by means of pulleys and ropes. Rear end gate swings open when unlocked.

Attractively painted in light grey or blue—gold trimmed—white tires on front of radiator and trade mark on both sides of cab. Rubber Tire Disk Wheels at nominal extra charge. Length overall, 12 inches; height 5 3/8 inches; width of box, 4 inches. No. 1. Mack Truck—Light Blue. No. 2. Mack Truck—Grey. No. 3. Mack Truck—Olive Green.

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